The management of INFRA PRO CONSULT Ltd.in the person of the Manager officially declares its QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENT POLICY, which is announced, understood, applied and maintained in the Company and is available to the Company:

GUARANTEED QUALITY the provision of services in the design of infrastructure – roads, railways, FACILITIES AND SURVEYOR RESPONSIBLE regulatory and customer requirements and bearing the maximum benefit of the Company and stakeholders.

In order to implement this Policy and as a proof of our professionalism and to maintain a high reputation before our Clients / Clients, the management ofINFRA PRO CONSULT Ltd. directs its efforts in the following areas:

1 Quality in work

  • Accurate definition of customer and regulatory requirements, quality project development in compliance with these requirements and continuous monitoring of customer satisfaction;
  • Offering competitive projects based on the most modern technologies to a degree accessible to the Assignor / client;
  • Timely registration and elimination of omissions and errors, as well as implementation of corrective actions;
  • Constant raising of the professional level of the designers in the company;
  • Healthy working environment, modern technical and software tools, friendly microclimate and social benefits for staff.

2 Environmental protection:

  • Carrying out a periodic environmental review related to the analysis of environmental issues and the impact on it in the implementation of the Company’s activities and identification, control and management of environmental aspects;
  • Carrying out activities for environmental protection, which are aimed at preventing environmental degradation, its restoration, preservation and improvement;
  • Control over the use of natural resources necessary for the implementation of projects by the Company;
  • Management of the assessed aspects of the environment related to air, water, soil, personnel and society – waste (construction, household, packaging, hygiene materials), pollution (dust, noise, vibration, lubricating oils, refueling), resources (building materials, fuels, energy, water);
  • Achieving environmental performance, expressed in measurable results from the management of all aspects of the environment.

3Regulatory requirements

Periodic analysis of the applicable requirements of regulations and other requirements, assessment of their impact on the activities performed by the company, as well as continuous monitoring of the implementation of all obligations imposed by this type of requirements.

4 Clients

INFRA PRO CONSULT Ltd accepts its clients as partners in the joint efforts to achieve high quality projects and realizes that the prosperity of the Company and its stability depend on its clients. The satisfaction of the clients with the quality and the projects is a guarantee for the success of the Company, advertising for our work in front of other clients and a condition for expanding its activity.

In order to achieve these strategic goals, INFRA PRO CONSULT Ltd. operates an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System in accordance with the international standardsBDS EN ISO 9001: 2015 and BDS EN ISO 14001: 2015.

The management ofINFRA PRO CONSULT Ltd. undertakes to provide and guarantee all necessary conditions and resources for the implementation of the requirements of IMS, its continuous improvement and the efficiency of the set strategic goals and the outlined policy.



personal participation and responsibility for the implementation of the announced quality and environmental management policy.

City. Sofia, November 25, 2016

Eng. Vladimir Popov